Monday, September 27, 2010


:::sigh....::: another good Monday. I'm very fortunate to have had so many good Mondays this year. First of all, the weather was AMAZING. I was forced to wear a hoodie to keep from being cold (good thing). The day was relaxed, and the classes weren't too boring. Didn't get a very good grade on my History test, but that didn't bother me, cause I didn't study either :P. I made bread in cooking class, and though the smell of yeast makes me sick, the bread turned out deeeeeLICIOUS. (especially when buttered and toasted and honeyed)

I've noticed that Owl City is very Fall-ish music. It fits the sensation the weather gives quite well. At least, Cave In does. But pretty much all of them would.

I had some random inspiration the other day while reading and excerpt from "The Faerie Queene" in our literature class. It is the story of the Red Cross Knight and Una. These are the images that ran through my head:

A rugged Knight in battle battered armor astride a black charger. Across his back was slung a mighty sword. His face bore several scars, and his eyes burned with the hard glint of a veteran warrior. His cloak was torn and travel worn, and his white tunic stained with the dark blood of many foes, beast and man. Beside him, astride a regal white horse, rode a lady, clothed and hooded all in white. The hem of her dress and cloak was soiled from long travel, and she had eyes that would bestill a man to his very soul, so steadfast were they, unwavering, without fear of man, beast or monster... and beautiful. The two traversed a barren plain, where the grass was scorched all around, not of fire, but of terror and corruption, and a red sun hung low in the sky. At last they halted before a large opening in the earth. Black stone steps led downward into the gloom, where neither light nor life could live. Here the knight dismounted and, laying a hand on his sword hilt, began to approach the steps when a touch from the lady stayed him. Her eyes never left the cave while she spoke.
"I fear this horror. I fear it to my very bones, and well you know, I have never feared any horror thus far." Then she looked at him, and he at her. One look was enough to say all that needed be said... then he drew his sword.

Then the knight descended the steps, and disappeared into the darkness.

I still have yet to find the perfect names for them, but I do have a bit of a plot going. :D Perhaps I can add this idea to my collection of short stories.

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Margaretta said...

mmm, that bread looks perfect.

It's cool here today too! I've been working on my story all day with all the windows open and a pot of tea. Lovely.