Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Guns

My Facebook news feed inevitably contains several gun-rights pictures and other such posts. Most of them are something along the lines of "more guns means less crime," or "taking innocent people's guns doesn't make innocent people safe."

Now don't get me wrong: I too am a Second-Amendment-er. But often we fail to recognize the fallacy in some of our gun-propaganda. Yes, gun's don't kill people, and people who want to kill people will find a way to kill people if there are no guns. But the unfortunate truth is, that fewer guns does mean less crime. Yes, we understand that guns don't cause crime, and that taking away guns won't absolutely solve our crime.
But think about it. Take 300 million depraved sinners and give them the 2nd Amendment and it's gonna get nasty real fast. Take away all the guns, and you eliminate the portion (significantly sized portion) of murders and crime that involve, or relate to guns.
Brittain has very strict gun laws and they have a minuscule number of gun-murders per year than does the US. Yes, they have plenty of murders involving other weapons, just like we do. But they have all but staunched the gun-murders. They have reduced their crime.

So yes. In the horribly depraved state our country is in, guns amplify the problem. They are very dangerous tools. But while taking away the guns would dampen the problem, it also opens the door to a much, much more frightening possibility. Tyranny.
Because the 2nd Amendment isn't about duck hunting. The 2nd Amendment isn't even about every day self-defense, ya'll. The 2nd Amendment is our safety, in the case we experience something like Germany did under Hitler, and are unable to fight back or defend our selves. Against our own military.

That means the 2nd Amendment, if taken seriously, should guarantee us the right to purchase assault rifles. Yep. Assault rifles. I'm not going up against marines with just a handgun and a 22 rifle. We get whatever they get.

That's what the 2nd Amendment is for, folks. It might be a nasty, dangerous country to live in with all those guns runnin around. But I can deal with that if I've got one of my own. And I'd rather deal with that than be helpless against a tyrant.

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